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Home Wrecked

Home Wrecked

Spyatstock Stage - Friday

Home Wrecked are a fresh, progressive pop-punk band from South Yorkshire (UK), formed in the summer of 2016.

At the end of 2016, the band released a blistering 5 track EP titled 'When All Goes Wrong', a record about every day struggles, dealing wth difficult situations and rising above them.

Home Wrecked's debut official music video for 'Never Say Never' was released on the 22nd November and has already been streamed through Kerrang! TV and added to their official Spotify playlist, BT TV, SUBTV and BBC Radio 1 Introducing Sheffield.

BBC Radio One Introducing Sheffield - “Energetic, progressive pop-punk band from South Yorkshire…This is huge”

InvictaMagazine review “When All Goes Wrong” giving it 10/10 - “Filled with pop-punk anthems whilst being proof this band will go far"