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Platinum - Abba Tribute

Platinum - Abba Tribute

Main Stage | Friday

Tribute bands have firmly established themselves as a regular part of the music scene. Many require a certain amount of imagination on behalf of the audience and some require that you suspend your critical faculties altogether! But when the London Evening Standard claim that one such tribute band, PLATINUM, are “better than the original” you know they must be something special!

Having thrilled audiences from Belgravia to Beijing & Moscow to the Middle East with their stunning tribute to one of the world's most successful acts, PLATINUM have firmly established themselves in the super-league of tribute entertainment.

PLATINUM was formed as a 6-piece band in 1997 - under their original name of Platinum ABBA - with the sole aim of becoming the best "ABBA" tribute band in the World.

Individually, its musicians have toured and recorded with some of the biggest names in show business. Collectively, they are now making a name for themselves.

With meticulous attention to every detail, they have combined stunning musicianship, authentic costumes, Abba-esque choreography and a suitable dose of tongue-in-cheek humour within an electrifying performance to produce a breathtaking LIVE ABBA Tribute Show that appeals to all ages.

But the most important challenge to the band was to recreate the "ABBA" sound absolutely LIVE on stage, without resorting to hidden backing tapes and discs. After all..... ABBA never used them, so why should an ABBA tribute! PLATINUM were determined their audiences wouldn't be cheated with a glorified ABBA karaoke. And they have succeeded. Resulting in an ABBA tribute show that delivers the kind of excitement and audience reaction only a LIVE band can deliver. Just like the real ABBA!